Privacy Policy of Yewleaf

In Brief

Read the entire statement below on privacy. But for brevity, we don't give your data to anyone ever with these exceptions:

  • We don't ever give your personal information to anyone unless we are forced by some state legal authority to do so and even that only after evaluating the legitimacy of the demand.

  • Or when we have to in order to provide the service, such as having the data sit within our hosting provider's servers (Amazon Web Services). But in this case, we have agreements that prevent transfer or mis-use of your data.

We specifically do not do any processing of the contents of data entered into the site for any purpose other than to povide the service.

Full Privacy Policy

A. Types of Information We Collect

We collect certain personal information about you – but only when that information is provided by you or is obtained by us with your authorization and only for the purposes of providing the Service.

Examples of sources from which we collect information include:

  • Web site registration or user profile page
  • Emails or phone numbers you have provided in the the contact form
  • Comments provided on the site
  • Content you enter into the site

B. Parties to Whom We Disclose Information

We do not disclose personal information about our users to anyone. However, to the extent required by law, certain nonpublic information about you may be disclosed in the following situations:

  • To comply with a validly issued and enforceable subpoena or summons.

  • As a part of any actual or threatened legal proceedings or alternative dispute resolution proceedings either initiated by or against us, provided we disclose only the information necessary to file, pursue, or defend against the lawsuit and take reasonable precautions to ensure that the information disclosed does not become a matter of public record.

  1. Confidentiality and Security of Nonpublic Personal Information

Except as otherwise described in this notice, we restrict access to nonpublic personal information about you to employees of our firm and other parties who must use that information to provide services to you. Their right to further disclose and use the information is limited by the policies of our firm, applicable law, our Code of Professional Conduct, and nondisclosure agreements where appropriate.

D. Contacting you

We do not send marketing emails or any other kind of marketing communications to our users.

We may contact you if:

  • you ask us to do so for some matter about which you have question or request around the service or your data.

  • something in the service materially changes that affects this privacy notice.

F. Precautions we take to safeguard your information

We take sensible and conventional precautions to ensure your data cannot be accessed by unauthorised users.

G. Your control of your data

We provide a feature to enable you to irrevocably delete all your data. If you have any difficulties operating this features, please contact us and we will ensure your data is deleted.