Yewdocs Docs

What is Yewdocs?

Yewdocs helps you organise knowledge using pure text documents.

The philosophy behind Yewdocs is to stay out of the way as much as possible while you enjoy unmediated acccess to your information.

It is designed to let you find documents and features very fast. It gives you an uncluttered workspace for capturing and organising information.

Documents can have any purpose that a physical piece of paper can have:

  • Notes-to-self
  • TODO lists
  • Collect web links, snippets
  • Checklists
  • Draft documents and emails to have them available wherever you are (with an Internet connection)

One great way to use Yewdocs is via the Yewdocs client.

Some features

  • Cloud-based, secure hosting of your text documents

  • A nice editor with syntax highlighting

  • Attachments that can be links or inline images

  • Paste images directly via the clipboard

  • Convert documents to different formats: pdf, docx, etc.

  • Easily share documents in whatever format via email

  • Make documents public so you can host a link to the document that is then rendered as html

  • Version history with comparison to earlier versions

  • Markdown is the default syntax recognised by Yewdocs but you can manage any kind of text documents.

  • Works reasonably well on mobile devices, tablets, smart phones with modern browsers.

What it is Not:

  • Yewdocs is not for building nice looking websites; there are other much better sites out there for that.

  • Yewdocs is not for editing in a WYSIWYG, HTML format. Everything is text. But you can grant access to your documents to others as an HTML page, if you desire.

  • Yewdocs is not blogging software. You could use it as such if you want, but that is not its purpose.

How is Yewdocs different from note-taking applications?

  • It does not do WYSIWG editing; no non-text screen formatting. Documents are pure text.

  • Your text is entirely private to you (unless you decide to share something) with friends or colleagues or make a document world-readable.

  • You can encrypt content using your own client-bound GPG keys.

  • It comes with an optional client command-line application to let you synchronise your documents to a local host or device.

How is Yewdocs different from other Markdown editors?

  • It supports any text format, Markdown, RestructuredText, .conf, .sh, etc.

  • It concentrates more on information organisation than on the esthetics of editing. It lets you edit your documents without previews in other formats.

  • It probably has more features than other Markdown editors you might be aware of.

Exporting and Sharing

You can export your documents into a variety of formats: .pdf, .docx, .md, .rst, .html, etc. and you can email a document in any of these formats in a single step.


Documents are by default in Markdown. If you are a programmer, we provide colorised code blocks. The variant of Markdown we use is very close to the standard with some exceptions.

Language support

Any unicode language should be supported. So, most any character set will work.


If you are technically inclined, there is a full-featured client command line application written in Python that has some powerful features. You can connect to your account from the client by setting your credentials in the client. Then you can sync documents in both directions from the client.

Follow the instructions in the readme file here: Yewdoc client.

API Access

An API exists to access all your documents. See your user profile page to get the access token required to make invocations on the API.